The Psychics of the Intuitive Angel


Amy Biank

Presents the Psychics of the Intuitive Angel
Amy Biank is dedicated to helping people transcend fear and live lives filled with joy. Amy believes everyone has the power to connect to their intuition. You can experience this incredible alignment through energy readings, connecting with the spirits of loved ones or by participating in classes focused on developing your psychic skills, Mediumship, meditation, intuition training, sacred journeying, Shamanism, personal coaching and so much more.

Sabrina Says

Lean into the Light

Tools I use: Tarot Cards, Pendulum, connecting with my spirit guides and angels

“Life is difficult but it is rich and full”

That message was given to one of the women in my family from her spirit guide.

I come from several generations of strong intuitive women and I am passionate about psychic development…mine and yours.

I use a multifaceted approach in doing your reading. The most important facet is being open to allow the angels and guides to work through me to bring healing and guidance when you are facing life’s questionable and difficult moments.

I look forward to discovering the possibilities, options and abilities that are available to you.

Love & Light


Readings: $1.00/minute - 20-30 Minute sessions

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Elemental Energy

I am a psychic and medium with connections to Mother Earth and sprite energy.

Tools I use include oracle cards and stones (lithomancy).

I channel information from the angels and higher realms.

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With 35 years of reading practice, an advanced Fine Arts degree, and university teaching experience, Mshamana shares her unique healing and intuitive talents with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations in English, Spanish, and some American Sign Language.

Contact: Mshamana - 781-704-4141



Rose La Cle has more than 30 years of Nursing experience. She is a beloved Mother, devoted Friend, animal Whisper and an Intuitive Extraordinaire.

Contact: Rose -   857-373-9410