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Amy Biank – The Intuitive Angel

Amy Biank’s The Intuitive Angel is dedicated to helping people transcend fear and live lives filled with joy. Amy believes everyone has the power to connect to their intuition. You can experience this incredible alignment through energy readings, connecting with the spirits of loved ones or by participating in classes focused on developing your psychic skills, Mediumship, meditation, intuition training, sacred journeying, Shamanism, personal coaching and so much more.




“A truly gifted and loving person! Many wonderful things to share. And the best part of all is that Amy is also a dear friend.”

Christine Oster

“Amy is spot on. Attuned and discerning. Gentle, empathic, and keenly perceptive. Thank you, Amy.”

CE Whiting

“I really enjoyed my experience with you Amy! You made me feel such at ease!”

Martha Lorena Aranda Salas

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